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Lightplay carries out all types of domestic, commercial and industrial electrical periodic inspections.

A periodic inspection complies with British Standard 7671 (BS7671)

Why are periodic electrical reports needed?

Safety. Over-time, electrical installations will be affected by many things; wear and tear, excessive loading, corrosion, lose terminal connections, electrical arcing and environmental factors such as damp and heat. Only through a careful periodic inspection can these problems, often associated to fixed electrical installations be mitigated and the rectification of potentially lethal faults be found.

Although there is no current statutory requirement to conduct a periodic inspection report on residential properties, apart from safety, there are a number of other reasons, why reports may also be required:

What does a periodic inspection report reveal ?

Upon completion a report is drafted with a list of remedial work, which the engineer deems necessary in order to satisfy the requirements of BS7671. (Please see the Fault Finding service for more details together with a breakdown the periodic inspection report process)

Electrical periodic inspection reports cover a whole range of fixed installations. From domestic re-wires through to commercial and industrial installations; reports also relate to fire alarm installations and emergency lighting installations.

How long does a periodic inspection report last?

As a general rule of thumb the following time scales are as follows: This can vary depending on the state of the installation and its use.

If the installation has been well maintained and had regular periodic inspections, then an on-going visual inspection may be all that's required.

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